Monday, 9 February 2015

Progress on the flower quilts

I am working on a new piece of work which I started blogging about here on Friday.  This pieces compromises of 6 flowers which depict the life of Christ.  Each flower grows in Israel.  I have painted each flower on white cotton fabric.  I have tried a new fabric which has been beautiful to paint on. 

I discovered today that 6 panels that make one larger piece of work is called a hexaptych (try saying that fast a few times)   They were commonly made in the renaissance era.   They normally were constructed  in long panels and hinged together.   I am making mine slightly different  :)  The six panels will just sit next to each in an oblong shape.   

White lily:  Virginity

Crown daisy:Innocence

Blue iris: Faith

Star of Bethlehem: Hope

Dark red rose: Death

Olive branch: Reconciliation

The next step today is to sketch the writing on to each of the borders and to add the black border to each of the quilts. 

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