Sunday 20 June 2010

Art photography ideas

When looking for a subject to shoot for art photography the first thing I consider in the sculpture of the object.  I tend to gravitate towards nature.  I enjoy the organic shapes,  smells and texture of natural resources.

 I place what ever I am photographing on a plain background  (like above) or I blur the background if the object can't be removed. As I have done in the photo below.

By minimising the distractions in the background I find I am able to "play" a little more with he photo.  I can emphasise the strong sculpture and texture of the photo.  It also draws the viewers eye to the image immediately.

I also like to get up close to the object, in this case a flower.  What can be seen closely is beautiful.and the camera can capture this beauty so well.  Sometimes it is even hard to tell what the bigger picture might be.  As in the case of the first picture of this blog a newly opened fern leaf.   Also try taking the same object form different angle and with different effects.  The following photos are of the same fern leaf.

Try getting down and getting close and seeing nature or other objects from a different angle.  See where a another view might take you.

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