Friday 18 June 2010

Quilting-#2 Time saving:Once a week basket

One of the best time savers I have found so I can get to quilting more is our once a week basket.  

I use this tool everyday to get the house tidy.  Anything found in the common areas of the house i.e.  Lounge,  hall way,  bathroom kitchen etc that dosen't belong there gets put in the once a week basket.  Every saturday morning someone in the house sorts the belongings in the basket out and retuns then to there proper places.

  When I began doing this the basket was emptied every day but as we have used theis tool more once a week has been sufficient. Using this method of clean up have freed my time up more,  created a tidy atmosphere to work in (which has cleared up my mind) and eased the load of housework on a daily basis.

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