Saturday 12 June 2010

Art photography

Taking photos and "playing around" with them on photo programmes seemed like I was cheating.  But when I changed my view from cheating, to an art form I was hooked on "art photography"  

I found when I began to change colours, contrast and lighting,  shapes in the photos began to change,  interesting patterns emerged and different parts of the photo was highlighted. 

To begin with this photo of a palm leaf was completely green and the contrast was quite strong between the background and the leaf.  I love the sculpture of this leaf and how the leaf disappears into the back of the photo.
When I started to play with the negative and positive,  contrast and colour a whole new photo appeared.  The different tones of the leaf have been really highlighted with the introduction of red to the leaf. 

By taking the negative of the left photo and making it black and white the structure of the carnation is the focal point.  The structure of the flower takes centre stage and makes a very powerful image.  The petals are almost translucent showing to the viewer how fragile they are.

Having a new point of view has helped me to see the world around me in a different way.

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