Sunday 19 September 2010

quilt challenge-52 cards in a year

Week 15

I'm just a wee bit behind on the last 2 weeks cards but for good reason. I have had a couple of quilt deadlines looming and I have been away on my own.  Childless for a few whole days.  Absolutely bliss!! 

I have created a card this week from a cut up mono print of an orange.  Mono printing is a technique of printing where paint is added to a glass surface and then a print is taken from it.  The original print was white,  orange and yellow.  I decided to over dye it in a deep pink then to add more stitching to it and shiva paint sticks (my favourite art supply if you haven't noticed yet  :)  )   

I was really pleased with how the over dying came out.  It changed the whole feel of the piece of work.  

The paint sticks have added a lovely shine to the card and given better depth.

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