Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Quilting-What to do when you have made a "mistake"?

I have spent time over the last few days over dying fabric and quilting up the large pile of hand painted,  mono printed and marbled fabric I have created over the past year.  Once the pieces were quilted I satin stitched the pieces together into a wall hanging.  To make the pieces have more cohesion I have dyed the white in some pieces so the tonal quality is similar.  As I have created this piece of work I have had some unexpected difficulties......

Turquoise and tangerine130cm x 150cm

Close up

........What happens when you have a problem with a piece of work....

  • The first thing a piece of work never needs to be perfect.  To many times we think that our work isn't good enough when the imperfections in our work is what gives the work character,  personality and feedom of expression. 

  • So called "mistakes"  are just creative licence to try something new.  I always view them as a challenge to overcome and a new way to experiment.

  • When I first put all my blocks together  there was no cohesion so I over painted some blocks to get similar colours.  When I had constructed the art work I used shiva paint sticks to bring more depth to the colours.

  • When I put all the blocks together there wasn't enough blue so I went through my fabric stash and used some pieces of fabric that were offcuts that fitted in this piece perfectly.
  • The whole quilt came together nicely until the last block was set and now the work won't sit flat....very frustrating!.   I am going to try a few different things to try to sort this out. Lying the work flat on towels on the floor, Pinning it to the carpet and stretching it, wetting the whole quilt and then steam pressing it.  I will try to put some weights into the binding.  If this doesn't work I will try to hang something heavy from the bottom of the quilt to weigh it down ie a heavy fringe. 
  • When I turned over the quilt I discovered the few tangerine squares I found that had already been quilted in my cupboard didn't have a full back on them so batting is showing.  This would be fine for home use or a presie but as I am exhibiting this peice I need to fix this problem up.  I have come up with a couple of things to try.  Painting the back of the quilt,  using paint sticks in thouse patches and putting a backing on the quilt. 
  • Also when I trimmed up each block to get ready for the piecing alot of the threads came undone.  I am going to use a running stitch around each block to catch each stitch.

Use each challenge as way of extending your skills and problem solving.  Many of my piecs of art have started of very different from the end result.  This is fine!!! 

Remember art is always a work in progress

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