Thursday 25 November 2010

Break from quilting

I want to take a break from quilting on my blog today and pay tribute to the 29 miners who have lost their lives in The Pike river mining disaster, in New Zealand, and those countless others who have been affected by this disaster. What a sad and very unexpected loss of lives.

This tragic disaster has affected many people in such a small country and in a very small community.  Greymouth (West coast of the South island of New Zealand)  is in shock and morning the loss of so many men.  It is a beautiful and rugged part of our country and full of resilient strong and wonderful people. 

Each man has his own personal story,  his own set of friends and family and his own personal mark on the world.   As I sat and watched the news last night my eyes filled with tears as each of the men's names were read out and a little told about them. They were real people not just a number on a page. 

I hope the families and friends of the miners are comforted at this time.  I hope time can help heal their loss and in time that their memories will be sweet of their love ones.  God bless.

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