Thursday 18 November 2010

photography for the festive season

This time of year is such a wonderful time to get your camera out and capture moments of delight and of the festive season

How can you capture the season from a different view?  What objects mean Christmas to you?  Think about taking photos from different angles,  from a child's perspective and of sensory experiences that make you think Christmas.

Here are photo of objects that describe Christmas to me.....

Take a photo of decorations close up

Photograph Christmas tree lights

Photograph your place settings

Try taking photos with lights off

 Use sepia tones

Photograph what is special to you about the season.  For me it is Christ

Photos of yummy food

The play of light on decorations

Use your imagination!!!  What can you find to photograph.......


  1. When I lived in an area that got a lot of snow, I loved taking pictures of snow on trees, on the ground, on me, that was winter and Christmas all wrapped into one. Now I will have to find new things to photograph and represent this time of year.

  2. Being in NZ snow is such a foriegn thing for me. It is always so very hot here. I bet you have had some lovely photos of snow i would love to capture that.


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