Tuesday 2 November 2010

Photography-in jounalling

The expression a picture paints a thousand words becomes in more meaningful in Journalling.  A description of a view can take a long time but a photo or drawing can describe the same view in a very short and instant time.  When something special is happening or I have been on a trip I try to take photos to instantly describe the images I have seen that day.

The joy on my boys face would have taken a long time to describe and I probably wouldn't have done it justice.  It is important to record with the photo though so that future generations and other people would know the background to this photo,  who was in it and what was happening.

This photo was taken on Tuesday the 26th of October 2010.  The 2 boys and I had gone out on an exploring day.  We ended up exploring all the coast from our house to Waiuku and here we found a beautiful duck pond to feed all our old bread too.  My wee man was captivated by the ducks hunger and found it very amusing to see how much the birds all wanted the food.

This photo was taken on the same day and on the say exploring trip.  This is a view of Glenbrook steel mill taken from the Glenbrook beach wharf. 

  • Recording expressions on faces
  • a view from a point you visited
  • Taking shots from different angles of a ordinary event IE a birthday party.  instead of all the photos being of the child unwrapping the present photograph those who are watching or not watching
  • Thinking of ordinary events in a day that other people might find interesting IE. Me sewing at my machine,  eating lunch on the deck,  Making a meal,  children studying
  • Photographing a place where something very special happened to you or you had a special sweet peaceful feeling when you visited one day.

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