Wednesday 20 April 2011


I have been playing with felting after watching Jane LaFazio's video for The quilting art e-magazine in stitches. 

I did the first layers with my machine felting machine.  I layered wool rovings, organza,  silk threads, and strips of sari. 

Then I tried hand felting for the first time.  I loved it.  I now need to save up for a hand felting tool!   I added wool,  more rovings, and threads with the hand felting tool.

After the felting had been done I have added hand embroidery.  Embroidery works so well on felting as it is so soft and supple.  It is lovely to do.

I want to add more embroidery.  Where could I place it?  What stitches? Any suggestions?.......Let me know!

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  1. Catherine,
    I went to a felting workshop and made a small nativity. It was really therapeutic. The lady who taught the class learned to felt in NZ.


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