Thursday 14 April 2011

Lime Quilt

It's finished!  It is lovely and I am so pleased with it.  I even got it finished in time for the competition I made it for. WAHOO!!

The finishing off parts for a quilt always seem to take ages.  Really after the quilting it should all be just about done....well that's what my brain always tells me.  In fact there really is quite a lot more to do. 

Once the quilting is finished the quilt needs to be blocked.  Simply stated that means to lie it flat on the floor to pin it to the carpet and the to steam press it with a damp pressing cloth.  This gets the piece ready to be cut and irons out all the quilting bumps and lumps.  I trimmed this quilt because of alot of excess fabric around the edge and it would probably get in the way.

Pin on the floor on towels
Pin securely to carpet.

Iron flat with a damp pressing cloth.

Once the quilt is dry remove the quilt the quilt off the towels and cut sit quare with a ruler and rotary blade.  Check that all the corners are right angles. 

Once the quilt is square I bind the quilt.  I use the raw edge method by Robbi Joy Eklow.  But you could use any traditional methods too.  Google the word bindings and see what you can find. I use the fabric I painted at the beginning of making this quilt and that I laid aside. 

Then comes sewing off all the threads on the quilt.  This takes a long time but is worth the effort and there is nothing worse than your quilt coming undone. 

To finish my quilt a hanging sleeve or Velcro is normally added but I didn't need to do this for this competition so I will do that when the quilt is returned to me.   Then I made a label for the back of my quilt.  I put on it the name of the quilt,  my name,  when it was completed and my contact details. 

This is my finished lime quilt.


  1. Stunning!

    Thanks for the tip about steaming your quilt to block it. I've only heard of people wetting the whole quilt then blocking it out and waiting for it to dry.

    And I have to agree about sewing in your quilting ends. I think it's the only way to go for a really professional finish to quilting.

  2. Thankyou both. I loved the results too. It was worth the effort.


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