Monday 18 April 2011

Quilt challenge-52 cards in a year

Week 47

This is the last card based on some of the techniques and designs of Beryl Taylor, an English fabric artist. Her work is very creative and explores a lot of different ideas and techniques.

This card is made from Upolstery fabric,  silk fabric, an old hessian place mat, paper clay, threads, embroidery cotton and gold ribbon. 

The card was constructed by double sided fusible interfacing and the stitched together.  The paper clay motif was made by pressing a stamp into the clay while wet.  When it dried I then rubbed gold ink over it. 

I have really enjoyed this series.  It has been fun working out of my normal materials and designs.  I have really enjoyed the hand work too.  It is nice to pick up something and make it with my hands without anything mechanical.  Who knows maybe one day I will extend these ideas a little more.....


  1. Another beautiful card!! Does anyone give classes on making these quilt cards? I think it would be wonderful to do these. Of course I wish I could come to your place to learn. How about a book? Is there a book? If not, why not do one?

  2. Not in my part of the world. I'm contemplating teaching.....we'll just wait and see. Maybe a book down the line......Thankyou for your thoughtful and lovely comments

  3. lovely cards-saw more of them on flickr(with gems). I really like Beryl's work too, but haven't had time to try her techniques. Are you the Catherine that is taking Lyric's class now from Quilt University?

  4. Yes I am. Isn't it a great course. I'm hoping to post all of the cards onto flickr and on a page on this site soon. Onece everyone is back at school and I can wrestle the computer for long enough off my teenagers :-)


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