Thursday 7 April 2011

Lime quilt

Well I am getting through my lime quilt.  It has been a lovely piece to work on.  I have really enjoyed the whole process.

Once the top was completed I made a sandwich of backing fabric, batting and the painted top.  The backing fabric was hand painted too to match the front of the quilt.  I lay them out on the floor the backing pinned into the carpet to keep it from puckering.  I then use safety pins to pt all 3 layers together.

Close up of pinning

I have chosen to do free machine quilting, starting from the centre of the quilt and working outwards.

I quilted the centre part with wee little circles, starting with a dark green and moving out to a cream.  The segments were all quilted with different patterns.
The inspiration for the designs came from maori carvings and artifacts.

And the outer edges with lines of stitching close together, again graduating from a deep teal green to cream. I found I needed to be very careful not to catch the backing fabric as I sewed and also to check my stitch length regularly.

The next blog will be on the finishing off of my lime quilt.  Keep watching this space!

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  1. Cant wait to see the finished result. It looks wonderful already.


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