Saturday 28 May 2011

A new skill learned

I have spent the past year learning how to make a korowai (feather cloak) cloak at the local Marae(A special Maori meeting place)  korowai cloak is a ceremonial cloak traditionally made from feathers and flax.  It is a cultural craft of the Maori people of New Zealand.  Now they are made from feather, wool and mop string.  They take a very long time to make.  A woven full sized cloak takes up to 1000 hours to complete.  I have spent the last 12 months making an a4 sized cloak . I have been sick and the children sick a lot of the year so it has taken me longer than most would take.  It has been a wonderful journey for me.  The people I have worked have been amazing and wonderful.

This is my cloak

Woven korowai
Taniko pattern (wool pattern)
The back of the korowai
Weaving detail
Full back of the korowai

It has been wonderful to learn a new skill. 
I am going to try a little experimentaion over the next few weeks with these techniques.


  1. I don't understand the sizing. What size person would an a4 fit. I think it wonderful to learn this type of skill and the cloak is beautiful. What is the meaning of the cloak, is it used in ceremony?

  2. This is for a doll or they can be put into a picture frame as an art piece. The first piece is always small as it is easier to learn on.

    In contemporary times the cloak is given as a celebration of an amazing achievement or special occasion like a graduation from university, a wedding or a significant birthday. It can also be given to special dignitaries such as a prince on special occasions. Historically a maori cheif would have worn a Korowai.


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