Wednesday 25 May 2011

Quilt university course

I have finished the quilt university course 'Artist toolbox' by Lyric Kinard.  It was a fantastic course and I have finished with 2 wonderful books on design.  These are some of the other exercises I have completed

Scale:  Details of a butterfly

Depth and space: Flowers


 Regular rhythm

 Alternating rhythm

Progressive rhythm

Doodling to Where is the love by the black eyed peas

Doodling to Flags by Brooke Frazer

I have a lot of material and skills to use in future work.  I am looking forward to it.


  1. Gosh, but you have been busy. It's all so beautiful and I love reds. The doodle are great.

  2. Supper busy but loving it. Aren't the doodles great. I thought it was a fantastic idea for machine quilting and warming up for machine quilting.

  3. You create such beautiful art!


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