Saturday, 21 May 2011

Skechbook challenge: 7 days of drawing

Boy it is getting to be a challenge to think of what to draw each day but I am going to reach my goal of drawing for 365 days.  Each day I get up and think about what I might do today.  Sometimes inspiration comes quickly and other times it doesn't for a long time.  Here is this weeks collection

Entry for May 14th
Can't resist this: Apples and Masking tape resist

Entry for May 15th
Can't resit this:  Learning about my Saviour/crayon resist

Entry for May 16th
Can't resist this: Moonlight on the beach/crayon, gel pen and paint stick resist

Entry for May 17th
Can't resist this: Hot chocolate and reading/gel medium and printing

Entry for Mat 18th
Can't resist this: Flowers and doodles

Entry for May19th
Can't resist this: Art supplies

Entry for May 20th
Can't resist this: Sleep/Masking tape resists


  1. Catherine you really have been busy this week and great paintings too. I like Sleep too!

  2. I must be hungry because I loved the hot chocolate and the apple sketches!!!


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