Thursday 5 May 2011

Quilting emotion

I've been reading the series once upon a time....the retelling of fairy stories.  They are written by a variety of authors for older children and teens.  They have given me much food for thought.  The authors express emotion very well and view the world in very different ways.  One of the books talks about love

"It's not your love that holds her hostage.  It's your need.  True love wants,  but it doesn't need.  True love thinks of the beloved first"    (The rose bride By Nancy Holder)

This quote describe love in a way that is beautiful and deep.  I have though quite a bit about this quote and what impact it has in my own life. How many times do we ask because of our own needs and not because of the other persons needs?  hmmmmmm.......sometimes I might need some work here.  I would love to translate this quote and others like it into art work.  In this day and age were many people focus on the negative and negative depressing images I want to make a statement with happy uplifting work.  How can I do this. 
  1. Choose uplifting topics to photograph or quilt. 
  2. Use colour that evokes a nice spirit.  Black is not a colour that works for me on it's own
  3. When using sensitive topics use with care
  4. Pray throughout the whole quilting process
  5. Love what I am working on.  The feeling I have while I am working seems to always come through the finished work.
  6. Get others to critique my work
  7. Use colour, line,  shape and texture that reflects the mood I want my work to show. 
  8. Use expressions on faces to express the emotion.
  9. Brainstorm ideas for creating emotion
I wonder what love would look like?

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