Tuesday 22 November 2011

Finding your quilting style

I have moved through a variety of styles in my art and quilting.  I started as many people in traditional applique and crafty projects.  As I moved along this road I realized this was not fulfilling me enough then I discovered art quilting and I was hooked line and sinker.  It challenges me in a way that no other medium has.  I love the flexibility and experimentation involved in art quilting.  I love being able to express myself freely.

Being able to use a variety of medium  for a person who is a collector and a dabbler is an added bonus.  I love being able to put my heart and soul into my work so expressively.

But how do we find our own style of work.  Some people seem to figure this out quite quickly in their journey but others, like me,  need a little more time to find this out. It is a quietly evolving phenomenon. What is our style today may not be our style in 3 years and what we like may take a lot of work to discover.

I am still very much in the experimental phase with where I fit on the continuum.  I still am trying to find out what I am in art.
I have some identifying features in my work now though. 
I love bright colours and strong lines.

I like my work to be cheerful and positive.  I love to work with different patterns and textures.

Full of fine details that eyes can come in and look at.

and lots of quilting detail. I have found it useful to look at others work and analyse why I like them and what draws my eye in.  I have chosen  to spend quite a bit of time analysing the design aspects used in others art to help me to develop as an artist and find my

It has taken alot of experimenting to find out a little more about what I like and what view I have when I create.  I have been going along this path for a while and I think I will be on this journey for my whole life.

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