Saturday 19 November 2011

Photography this week

We have just had our yearly Guy Falkes celebration.  Our family loves to have a bonfire for this night and time with family.  this year we had my twin sister's family over and boy did we have a great night.  We cooked sausages, bread, potatoes and apples over the fire and finished off with brownies (in the oven just too hard on a fire) strawberries and vanilla cream.  Vanilla cream is so yummy and so easy

Vanilla cream

Mix together equal parts of plain yogurt and coconut cream. 
 add vanilla essence and sugar to taste. 

Use it to go with cake, trifles,  brownies  and fruit.  Just yum

I like to my camera to capture the elements of an evening to tell a story of what happened or to capture the essence of the night.  This is a great way to remember celebrations in years to come especially with a memory like mine!

Gathering together to bake our dinner

Embers to cook over

Cooking sausages (gluten free of course)




Having a sing song.  Nothing like singing the old scouting and guide songs around an open fire.

Close up of the fire again

Sparks flying

Pure enjoyment

Sparks flying captured on a long shutter speed.



Making shapes with sparklers

More shapes

Dancing around the fire and singing loudly.  Even the teenagers joined in.

A great evening recorded now for history.

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