Tuesday 15 November 2011

Quilting competition

Last week I won 2nd place at the Auckland quilting guilds annual competition.

It was for the mixed media section of the competition.  It is the first time I have won any thing in New Zealand and I am thrilled.

I entered my entry into the Cloth paper scissors artisan challenge remade into a prism box. 

This piece of work is made from paper cloth.  A wonderful technique to use.  It is lots of fun and very open to embellishments and stitching. I learned how to do this techniques form Kelly Nina Perkins book  
 Stitch Alchemy.  You can find out more about this amazing artist by clicking on this link http://ephemeralalchemy.blogspot.com/

After the cloth was made I added Angelina fibres,  applique, stitching,  paint, stamping and a fibre I make from tinsel.

I stiffened the fabric with a heavy pellon.  and edged the box with braiding.  I ended up with very sore fingers after making this piece of work as I lost my thimble!!!1

I know that winning at competitions is only the icing on the cake but it still very sweet just the same. 

I now just have to work out what to spend my prize on :)


  1. Oh Catherine, CONGRATULATIONS!!! So so thrilled for you, and very much deserved. Your work is always beautiful, and hopefully this acknowledgement will just keep pushing you forward. Hugs. xx Dion.

  2. Thankyou both very much. I think acknowledgement is only and extra but it is wonderful.

  3. Wow. I am excited for you. That is awesome, especially to be recognized in New Zealand.


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