Monday, 7 November 2011

The good and the bad

I woke up today feeling ready to tackle the world.  The sun was shining (for a few minutes anyway) the kids were all on task and the house got cleaned.  It was so nice to have a clean backyard again and the washing all under the porch drying.  I love having days where the morning goes well and everything goes according to plan.  But we really can't have this everyday because we would never recognise the difference between the good and the bad.

It is a bit like this with art work too.  Good and bad days come and go.  They need to,  so we can appreciate the good and find challenge and work though problems in the bad.

I had a bad couple of days working on this piece of work.  I have put about 10 layers of paint and texture on this page before I got it right.  I wanted to have it in a monochromatic  scheme (all one colour)  but that didn't work.  The tones were all too similar and too dark. So I tried a analogous scheme (2 colours that are next door to each other on the colour wheel) but I couldn't get it to come together.  The tones where all too similar still and to mucky.   I tried adding white and silver to lighten the page but still it didn't work.

So I walked away from it over night and looked at it with new eyes this morning. (pardon the pun) As soon as I walked in I knew I needed a complementary colour.  So out came a leaf stencil and orange paint and some black paint and voila it worked.  A fresh perspective is sometimes all I need to get a piece of art to work.  A new day and a new set of eyes got this page finished. 

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  1. How often have I done the same thing? It's amazing what a new day will bring in terms of 'vision'. Yours in bang on here.


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