Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas quilting

"It is almost Christmas....this week it is Christmas...I'll need to get to sleep really fast and every one needs to go to bed at 8 o'clock and get up at seven o'clock  on Christmas day"  I can hear my 7 year old in the background talking in a non stop monologue.  He is so excited about Christmas.  I hope his forecast about a 7 o'clock start on Christmas morning comes true.  It would be bliss but I know it will be more like 5 o'clock with bells on and rearing to go.   

I love this season of secrets, special smells, festive colours and crinkly sounds.  In New Zealand we celebrate Christmas in summer (although you would be excused for thinking it was winter after the weather the last 2 days.....it dropped 8 degrees (Celsius)  or 46 degrees (Fahrenheit) over night Brr)  I also love making Christmas things for people and making little quilts.  It is so wonderful to see people opening much loved and thought though gifts. 

This year I made a list and put a lot of thought into special handmade gifts and got none finished.  So my quilting for Christmas this year is in my head tucked away.  This is what I would have made if I had more time and organised myself earlier.

  • A quilt for my boys.  They still don't have one for their beds even though the material has been sitting there for a year.  I did get a quilt top finished though
  • A quilt art piece for my sister-in-law.  She loves my work and really treasures it.  I would have made a violin instead she will be getting a pile of scrapbooking supplies.
  • A Bag for my mother for her felting supplies...instead she got a felting book and and quilting arts book
  • A canvas of Christ for my husband.  He would have loved it but instead he got a subscription to a magazine
  • I would have made a handmade Christmas ornament for each family in my extended family to put on their Christmas trees.
  • I want to make 2 mini Christmas trees for me but I really don't think it is going to happen

So this year it has been a time of ideas which didn't come to fruition.  Maybe if I keep these ideas tucked up in my heart they will grow into something for next year.

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  1. Oh wonderful Catherine. I love hearing about other people's Christmas stuff. Your tree is beautiful. I hope you have a happy and safe Christmas. Hugs xx


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