Saturday, 3 December 2011

Photography this week

My camera has had a lot of action this week.  I took a lot of photos at my nephews wedding and at the school athletics.  I also had the opportunity to photograph some of the houses for Christmas in Karaka a major school fundraiser which showcases 14 elite homes in South Auckland.  It was amazing experience to photograph such beautiful homes and displays.  I am going to show you a sneaky look at some of the beautiful ornaments on the trees and in the homes that I photographed.  The challenge with these photographs was that I couldn't identify the house.  To do this I photgraphed close ups of the displays,  blurred backgrounds and chose non identifyable parts of the home. It would be a lovely reminder of our own Chistmas time in our own families to record how we decorate at christmas and what we love around us.



  1. Very pretty! I'd love to see some pictures from the wedding, I'm so sad I had to miss it!

  2. The beautiful red glass bird picture is stunning! Just lovely. Our christmas ornaments are all made of felt and paper - non-breakable!! But they are all handmade by the kids so sentimentally beautiful instead.


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