Saturday, 17 December 2011

Cleaning and sorting my art studio

Isn't it great being able to clean out the house and get it looking good for 5 minutes (no exaggeration :)  I really love my house being ordered and tidy even if it is only for short moments. 

I have had my nearly 20 year old come home from university and had to re order my whole house to fit her back in.  This meant relocating my art studio out of a room into the end of the lounge and moving 3 bedrooms around.  Not an easy thing to do.  I have worked solidly for 5 days.  3 1/2 of those days was spent just doing my studio,  I really didn't realise that I had so much wonderful stuff.  My husband cheekily teases me about my collection sometimes but values my need to create.  I began to wonder how much my 'collection' was worth and gave up after a few minutes when I realised I didn't really want to know. 

These are the before shots of my area

These are the pictures of what my area is like now.

Sewing table

Material storage and art equipment and books

Cutting table and scrapbooking things

Art equipment and art journals

This is my 'doorway' into my area.  The room is partitioned off by 2 book cases and a false wall.

I love the light in the new studio.  The windows are great.  I love the extra floor space too but on the down side I have less wall area to use so my storage is really lacking.  I am actually very surprised to get everything back into this space but I did it and it is so nice to have it finished ready for me to mess up (as you can see I already have started this process!)

Now I need some sleep so I have enough energy for Christmas :)

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