Tuesday 7 February 2012

Positive quilting critique

I turned 40 last week.  I was so excited and wanted to have a huge celebration but my twin sister just wanted to hide in a corner and forget all about the day.  So I am still trying to come up with something we both will be happy doing for big day.  I love that we are so alike but so different in so many ways.

In the art world it is like this too,  so many differences and similarities.  When I listen to people making a negative judgement on a piece of art work I cringe.  Just because I don't particularly like something doesn't mean the art is wrong, bad, or not working.  I have attended many shows or competition where I have not liked the winners work.  I think we can find good though in most work.  We all have different opinions and different views and this is O.K.

So my rule of thumb when I feel like commenting at a show is to...

  • Think carefully before I speak
  • Find a couple of things I like about the art work IE the colours work well together,  I like how the design works
  • If I can't find anything I like don't say anything at all.  You never know the person who made the artwork might be standing next to you
  • Creatively analyse the work in your head and ask myself these questions what do I like,  what doesn't work for me and what could I use in my future work
  • Look up at close at a work and look at the techniques the artist has used. 
  • Celebrate the fine qualities in work
I also critique my own work while at a show.  Have my work hanging next to other work gives me a chance to see more clearly what works,  what doesn't work and what I can change next time.

I would love to expand my appreciation of far more styles that I actually create,  By critiquing work positively I now find I can appreciate a far wider range of art than I have done in the past.


  1. I had honestly never thought about how my saying something about not liking a piece of artwork could be rude. I do sometimes talk before thinking. Thanks for the reminder to respect that everyone is different and therefore may enjoy different things!


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