Monday 13 February 2012

Quilted MP4 case

I was a very lucky girl at Christmas time.  I received a new MP4 player.  I know I was really lucky as my teenagers were very jealous of me and wanted to pinch it.  This is usually a good sign of a good present :) 

I have really enjoyed having MY music at MY finger tips.  I can listen to what I want and no one can complain.  The only issue I had was that it didn't come with a case.  If you are anything like me I knew it wouldn't take long before the player was scratch and damaged.  So I made one.


About a year ago I spent a day mono printing fabric.  I did one series of black, red and white fabric. I chose one of these fabrics as the fabric for my case.  I loved the strong graphic quality of the fabric and I thought it would work well as a MP4 case.

I quilted the fabric first in geometric and graphic shapes.  I worked in quite dense stitching emphasising the lines in the fabric.

Once the stitching was completed I cut out the shape I needed and I zigzag stitched around the oblong shape.

I next cut a small hole part way down the fabric to put the MP4 jack though.  I folded the fabric  and stitched down the side and sewed on a cord an voila I had a a very simple case to protect my MP4 player.


  1. Love the fabric and the stitching. Simple and beautiful (or simply beautiful!)

  2. It is perfect and i love how you machine quilted it!


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