Wednesday 15 February 2012

Sketchbook challenge

My husband has been in the USA for 10 days and won't be back for another 7 so my sketching has been minimal.  If you have your spouse away at all you will fully understand what I mean about not having time for many 'extras'.   He is over there visiting with family and he is really enjoying this time with them.  I am missing him so much and missing the emotional support :)

My page I have finished in a study of trees an any thing associated with them.  I love trees as many of you will know with my earlier posts.  They just have such a magic quality and ethereal charm.  I love them

I painted the first layer in acyclic red paint and then built up layers of colour and texture. I finished of the piece with white pen detail. 

I stenciled the flowers and then turned over stencil to give the negative image over the stencil.  This adds extra dimension and extra shapes on this page.

The top flower has the veining on leaves on the petals and branch structure of a tree in the centre. The lower flower has a bud on the petals and more branch structure in the centre of the flower.

I am really thrilled with how this page turned out.  I love the contrast of colour and the simplicity of the shapes. 

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