Monday 5 March 2012

Getting back on track with my quilting

Thank you for the few comments I received to help me get myself motivated and recharged with my art work.  It has really helped me to re focus and to look at where I am going next. 

So this week I have taken out some old work that I hadn't quite finished and started working on them.  It feels good to work again and be creative.  I love the satisfaction of creating something beautiful and special. 

This quilt I made a while ago wasn't sitting properly.  No matter what I did it wouldn't sit right.  I tried blocking it,  undoing stitching,  and reworking the blocks but to no avail it just 'it's own' way of sitting.

 I had done too much work on this to just cast aside or to throw it out.  I put my thinking cap on and decided I could probably use it for a few things.  So out came the scissors,  rotary cutter and the sewing machine.  This took my a lot of courage to cut into this piece of work :)

I first made 2 book covers for by sketchbooks.

The instructions for these covers are in the Surface Platter work shop by Lyric Kinard, produced by interweave.  They are very simple to make and really beautiful.

I have been wanting to make some covers for my sewing machines for a while and thought this stitched material would be wonderful.  These cover my felting machine,  my old faithful Bernina record and......

......My Pfaff machine. 

I attached elastic at each end of the machine so I can slip the covers over easily and so they fit snugly. 

I have only zigzagged the edges at the moment.  I want to see how they work before I do a more permanent edging on the covers.

I really love how they have all turned out and I feel satisfied that an unused piece of work now has a practical purpose.


  1. I'm glad we could help, Catherine. And I think those sketchbook covers are just gorgeous! What a great use for a quilt that's not quite right. And now you have co-ordinated covers too.

  2. What a good idea for re-using something that didn't work out like you'd hoped!

  3. Thanks. I think they are lovely too


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