Saturday 10 March 2012

Photography this week

This week I have spent a lot of time at school watching sport events.  Photos of sports can be a challenge to take.  Most digital cameras have a sport mode button which you should try to use for fast action shots.  The photos will be clearer than on a normal automatic mode.  The fast shutter speed enables you to take photos of fast paced action. 

These photos were taken on my Canon SLR camera on sport mode. 


Waiting for the next race to begin

Finishing the race

Number one finish !!!


Close up of the facial expressions


Diving for the next race

Half way through a stroke in breaststroke

Water coming of his face.

Taking photos from different angles keeps interest and explains the story better,  it also gives you more of a chance to get good photos. 

Try to use you camera to take an action shot this week.  You might like to try one of these ideas
  • A sporting event
  • Children playing
  • Cars and machinery moving
  • landscapes while in a moving vehicle
  • Kids on a trampoline
  • Pets playing
  • Birds flying

Have fun experimenting with different shots.

P.S.  He got first in freestyle and backstroke and third in breaststroke and butterfly.  He got a certificate for being third overall in his age group.

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  1. Wow, those look great! I really struggle to get good action shots, even on the sports mode. It always turns the flash on and then makes everything really dark.


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