Tuesday 20 March 2012

Quilting groups

I have been a supporter of a few quilting guilds over the years.  The work many people do is inspiring and beautiful.  But most of it is something I want to 'admire and not perspire' over.  Traditional work doesn't get me motivated to quilt.  Don't get me wrong though it is very beautiful and I really appreciate the work that goes into each piece it just doesn't grab me when I create.  I still love going to these groups though and will still continue to go as I appreciate the friendships and relationships that grow in these organisations.

I am finding though that my needs aren't being met so I have decided to start a new fabric art group in my area with the hope of expanding new ideas,  experimenting with new products and old ones and becoming more supportive of contemporary arts in the quilting form.  So if you are interested in coming and in South Auckland the advert for our first meeting is below

Quilting art group

Are you interested in experimenting with surface design,  new ideas and
contemporary approaches to your quilting?

Then this group could be for you.

I am setting up a group in
South Auckland of people interested in
expanding ideas and pushing
themselves within the context of quilting.

For expressions of interest contact
Catherine Parkinson
E-mail at sewarty@hotmail.com

Our first meeting will be held on
Thursday April 5th 2012, contact above for details

I am really excited about this new venture and I will let you know how it goes :)


  1. Well darn it, if I was in South Auckland, I'd love to join! I think it's great to have support and challenges. I meet with a friend once a week who does the same type of work as me and it's fantastic. I also meet with a group regularly who do diverse types of quilting work and that's great too but in a friendship way rather than a challenge.

  2. Congratulations! I helped start a group in Fort Myers, FL which is now thriving. People pretty much came out of the woodwork! I'm sure you'll love it and wish you the best!

  3. You're doing it! Great. Count me in.

  4. Hi Catherine: just wanted to tell you I've nominated you for the Liebster-Blog-Award! No pressure intended--just to say thanks for being such a wonderful source of inspiration!


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