Tuesday 6 November 2012

Storage in the studio

I think I love organising my studio as much as I like working in it.  I probably should be a organisation coach or something.  I have so much satisfaction at seeing my cottons laid out in rows and pins neatly put away.  I haven't always been like this.  As a child and teenager no one dared to go into my room for fear of getting lost or worse still being attacked by some sort of old laundry monster.  The only organisation I knew was hanging up my clothes on the floor.  I would argue with my mum that I knew where everything was.  It was partly true I knew it was in a particular quadrant of the room but that was about it.  Over the years I have grown to appreciate things in the right place and where I can find it straight away.

I have a lot of reels of threads in my studio in a variety of colours.  Storing threads can be quite challenging.  There a few things to think about.  They have to be easy to access, out of the sunlight,  organised  by colours and easy to see.  There are alot of ways to store threads.  They can be stored in drawers,  in containers,  on the walls and bags.  Some storage is purpose made for the job others can be made to fit the job. I have tried a few different storage ideas.  I really like using drawers with little pieces of dowel in them,   it keeps everything in the right place and nothing gets tangled up. 

There are many different ideas for storage.  Here are some of the different ways to store threads.

I think I might try to find one of these beautiful antique boxes they would look so beautiful in my studio


  1. What fun just sorting all those colours! It's so theraputic and calming!

  2. I love sorting out colours too. Form white all the way through to black:)


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