Tuesday 13 November 2012

Storing ribbon and lace

I love ribbons and lace.  I don't normally use them in my quilts but I love to use them to wrap presents,  make costumes for the children and to add length to dresses (other wise known as long t-shirts :)  aren't skirts short at the moment)   I particularly love organza ribbon because it is so versatile and antique lace because....well it is antique and very unique. 

I remember as a child filling my hands with my mothers stash of ribbons and lace and imagining myself dressed in a period costume or dancing on the stage with a fully laced petticoat.  The smell takes me back years. 

Storing ribbons and lace can be a bit of trial and error.  I used to have them all in a big container.  But I found it hard to lay my hand on the right colour or pattern and I spent more time untangling knots than using them.  I then separated them out by colour only to find a similar issue with tangling. 

I now wrap thicker ribbons onto card,  put my antique lace in a box to display in my room and all the narrow bits and bobs go into ice cream containers and thread out through holes cut in the top of the lids.  My tiny bits left from projects go on embroidery floss cards and into a floss container to use for scrapbooking.

There are so many ways to store ribbons and lace.  These are some of the ways other people store theirs. 

I love this
Cool idea to wrap them onto ice block sticks
Great use for old rulers.
Lovely and neat and easy to see.
Great recycling

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