Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Storing pens and pencils

Because I love to art journal as well as quilt and scrapbook, I find that I have a lot of pens/ pencils/ crayons in fact anything that I can make a mark with in my studio.  If I only had a few supplies a pencil case would be the most convenient for me.  Because it is so portable and easy to use.  I have one I use for drawing on the run but most of my supplies have gone from container to container over the years.  I started having them in a wooden box but finding different tools I needed started getting frustrating.  Then everything went into jars and plastic Chinese containers.  then I moved onto bought storage with small drawers.  I find this the easiest to use out of the the 3 methods I have chosen especially now they are labelled. 

So I wonder what other ways people store these well used art supplies.  I found these ideas on line.

Recycled milk cartons
Wow!!!! is all I can say
An old tool box
Old cans

I thought these were cool
An old bucket....great for large projects on the go
A clear container
A can wall
Shoe boxes
A great multi layered  approach
In Labelled snap lock boxes
Cups on the wall
In shoe holders

Your imagination in your only limit


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