Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Purple challenge quilt

The NZ quilting guild has a fantastic quilting challenge on at the moment.  The theme is PURPLE.  I grew up with a mum that didn't like purple.  To her purple reflected death and so I didn't really truly appreciate this colour until I was an adult.  

Purple is such a gorgeous colour from the Violets through to the indigos, puces to lilacs and the royal purples to the deep aubergines.  

My purple quilt is of a dragon eye.

Sketch of dragon eye

Painted of fabric

Today I am going to start the machine quilting, adding further textures and colour to the cloth.


  1. Wow! What a picture - quite scary but it's going to be fabulous. I like painting and then stitching on the fabric and this one is truly amazing. Looking forward to seeing progress.

    1. Thank you Linda!! I quilted the eye yesterday and it looks amazing :)


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