Monday 13 October 2014

The story behind the art work

Flower fusion

Flower fusion

Dimensions:  54” x 54”    137 x 137 cm 
Technique: Painted whole cloth quilt, machine quilted
Materials: Cotton fabric, textile inks, oil paint sticks
Price: $1200.00

I live in New Zealand one of the most beautiful places on the earth. I am surrounded by stunning nature and beautiful colour in both the land and vegetation and people.  This country is both rich in culture and in beauty.  

I wanted this quilt to celebrate the different colours of both our land and its rich and vibrant people.  No matter what our race, cultures or traditions we can successfully blend them together to make a rich and beautiful society.  

I have made this quilt by making 4 separate quadrants and then stitching them together as one big art. I wanted this to depict us all having beautiful traditions and cultures that we can join together and make as one.  Together we can make a difference in the world.  Separate we cannot.  We need to be unified in the world we live in so we can join together to fight poverty, abuse, disease and to preserve the fundamental values of society.

Quadrant one

Quadrant two

Quadrant three

Quadrant four

I drew the outlines of each shape onto the 100% cotton fabric with crayons.  Then I painted the 4 squares with textile inks.  Once they had dried I quilted each of the 4 quadrants separately before joining them together.  

The art work was then bound with hand painted binding.  

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