Monday, 20 October 2014

Waitomo Art society Exhibition.

The Waitomo Art Society annual exhibition was held this weekend. I was invited to be one of 3 guest artists as part of this event.  The weekend was wonderful.  I met some amazing artists with such passion for the work they create.  We were also treated to a singing group who performed on Friday evening who were absolutely amazing.  Being surrounded by creative and dynamic people is such a pleasure. It recharges batteries,  helps find new passions and can help determine new pathways or confirm the pathway you are on is a good one.

Although I didn't sell any work at the exhibition I was able to be part of a wonderful opportunity to discuss and talk about my art work, to have valuable marketing advice and to be able to get my creative juices flowing again. 

The exhibition was set up in set up in the Waitomo arts and cultural centre in Te Kuiti, NZ.  A wonderful venue in a lovely quiet little provincial town in New Zealand. 

I displayed my bright segment quilts and some of my other bright and beautiful quilts.

I had some amazing feedback about my work.  It was so lovely to walk around and chat with people  about my art work.  Talking about my work not only helps people understand how I work but also helps me to clarify my ideas as an artist.  We had some great discussions about how I make my work.  So many people thought my work was appliquéd and were really surprised when I said they were all painted.

Helping people understand what the art work means and how it is made helps people appreciate it more because the more we understand the more we comprehend and the more we comprehend the more meaning the art work has to the viewer.

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