Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Precious moments

It is the school holidays here in NZ.  The weather has been terrible over the last couple of days so our internet has been very hit and miss (reason why I have posted late this week ) the kids have cabin fever and I am feeling so grateful for a lovely sunny day to day (finally)  I love the school holidays it is so nice to able freely go where we want to when we want to go. 

Spring time in Te Awamutu  an unexpected heavy hail shower. 

I have not had much time in my studio but I have had some great memories with the children.  Which for me is the most important thing I can ever do.  The kids will be leaving home in no time at all and those memories will be all they and I will have.  

Our trip to the Hamilton botanical gardens

Our 3rd daughter is off to University next year so my time with her is so precious at the moment. She is going to be moving down to Palmerston North to study Ecology at Massey university.  She is so excited!!   We have spent much of this holidays making lists of what she needs to have done before she goes,  what clothes she will need to have and how she is going to live.  I am very impressed with her maturity and common sense.  She will be one very independent and prepared young women for the big wide world. 

Caught reading
Dimensions: 15” x 15”     38 x 38 cm

Technique: Painted whole cloth quilt. Machine quilted
Materials: Cotton fabric, Textile ink, oil sticks
Price: $280.00

If you would like to purchase this piece or any other of my work  follow this link

This piece of work 'Caught reading' is a moment in time when I caught her reading when she was supposed to be studying.  This work captures a precious moment that will be gone all too soon.  I am reminded on the song by Taylor Swift 'Never grow up' 
Link here.  I wish that my kids could all stay in these moments but then I know they need to grow up and learn because that is part of life.  

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