Friday 23 July 2010

Budgeting for art and craft work

It is getting harder and harder to make the pennies stretch and when I have to choose between Groceries or art I will always choose the groceries. How can I still do my art in this present economic situation.

Over the next few weeks I am going to present different ways to save money in art work.  I have found a few great practical and easy ideas on how to do this. To start off our journey I am going to look at ways to save with....... 

....The printed word

  1. Instead of buying books check out the local library to see what they have.  Most of my learning comes form library books.
  2. Ask the library to purchase book you want to read. They are usually more than willing to have guidance in good new books on the market. 
  3. Buy books and magazines from second hands stores,  flea markets,  garage/yard sales and flea markets.  I have found some excellent bargains in these places.
  4. Have a book swap with other artists/craft people.  You can get rid of books you have read to death and get new reads for you.
  5. Use old magazines and books for collage,  mixed media work, and design ideas.
  6. Use used printer paper/photocopy paper for baking to stabilize applique,  drawing on and making patterns with
  7. Share a subscription with a friend or group.
  8. Share books and magazines.  Pass them around to other people you know that might like to read them. 
  9. Recommend books and magazines.  It saves people a lot of money not having to buy books and then find they weren't what you were really looking for.  Also read reviews to make sure your getting the best for your money.
  10. Get books and magazines that talk more about techniques than just patterns.  Techniques can be used again and again,  one pattern can't always be used to many times.
  11. Research the web for information.  A lot of information online is free.  Even some patterns are free.

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