Tuesday 27 July 2010

Budgeting for art and craft work

It is getting harder and harder to make the pennies stretch and when I have to choose between Groceries or art I will always choose the groceries. How can I still do my art in this present economic situation.

Over the next few weeks I am going to present different ways to save money in art work. I have found a few great practical and easy ideas on how to do this. For the second week of our journey I am going to look at ways to save with.......


  1. Use second hand clothes.  Not only does this save money but it also is environmentally friendly.  I have found so may fabrics that you can no longer get.
  2. Old sheets make excellent backings for quilts. 
  3. Old cotton sheets are also great for painting or dying.
  4. Buy all your backing fabrics on sale.   You really don't need to worry what the fabric looks like as no one will see it.
  5. Go to garage sales and yard sales for offcuts of fabric.
  6. Check the fabric off cut bins at fabric shops.
  7. Go to curtaining,  upholstery and dress fabric shops to look for fabric.  they are often cheaper than quilting stores and have a different selection of fabrics.
  8. Only buy fabric on special.  I try and check out the fabric bins and then think of how I can use those fabrics rather than looking at what I want.
  9. Keep all scraps of fabric and make new fabric from them.
  10. Experiment with old fabric you no longer like.  Try dyeing,  painting,  stamping and changing the surface of the fabric.
  11. Have a fabric swap with fellow art and craft enthusiasts.
  12. Use all wipe cloths for future work.  I have got some lovely pieces of fabrics this way.
  13. Keep all your batting scraps.   Great for small pieces of work,  journal quilting,  and stuffing.  You could also stitch pieces together for larger work too.
  14. Buying white pure cotton high count sheets on sale for painting or dying is much cheaper in New Zealand than buying Ready to dye fabric. Just remember to wash them first so the dye or paint can take.
  15. Find a dress maker who has off cuts they could let you have.

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