Saturday 10 July 2010

Quilting-Time saving tip #4

Making time for art and creating sometimes is a mind set.  I view other things in life as more of a priority.  A lot of Women and some men put a lot of other priorities above what is their passion.  I am as guilty of this as anyone else.  My children's needs and wants.  my husbands needs and wants and other peoples needs and wants seem to be more important.  So how do we change this mind set.  Some things that have helped me are.....

  1. Recognising that I am as important as everyone else so therefore my time to do things I am passionate about is important.
  2. Writing a yes list.  Every 6 months I write a list of 6 priorities in my life.  Making art one of those priorities gives me permission to create.
  3. Talking to all the members of my household about what I love to do and how important it is to me. 
  4. Setting a time for me to work sets boundaries for myself and for other in my house.
  5. I have a sign for my door that I use to protect my time.  It says studio in use.  I only use this when my time is interrupted a lot.
  6. I say to myself what do I want to remember myself doing when I am old.  Housework?  or playing with my kids and being creative?  I choose the later 2 any day.

Make yourself a number one priority and remember ....

if you are having visitors to your home
would you serve them from an empty soup pot? 
No you wouldn't but why do we serve people around us from an empty soul. 
We need to keep our souls full so we can give without going into burn out.

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