Thursday 15 July 2010

photography-Choosing your subject

I think any thing can make a good photograph providing the photographer uses good light and good composition.  I also feel that it helps if the Photographer enjoys what he/she photographs.  I am fascinated by the details on natural objects in particular foliage and flowers. 

I also love to photograph portraiture.  It so rewarding to get a good
rapport with the model and to capture the person personality.

  architecture.  I love to create scale with pictures of buildings and the
feeling of the building touching the sky.

 and landscapes.  I love landscapes because I like to wonder what is over the horizon. 
 Landscape also offer the possibility to capture large scale beauty.

Whatever subject you choose take time to practice at all times of the day and night, 
different lights and conditions and when seasons change. 
If the subject is portable try taking photos in side or in a studio type setting.
Most importantly have fun! 

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