Saturday 4 December 2010

New Christmas tree colours and decorations

I decided this year to create a new colour scheme on my Christmas tree. 

It has been gold and white for about 8 years and I just felt I needed a change.  So I have given myself $25-$30 to spend to create a new look. 

My mother -in-law gave me some beaded and mirrored wind chimes she bought for a lamp shade for a grandchild which she never made.  They are fuchsia and silver so I decided fuchsia would be one of the colours I would use. 

I have created some hanging decorations using them.  After some thought I decided I would use a complementary colour of Lime green as the other colour on the tree. 

I have purchased some baubles,  material to make yo yo,s from.  The centre is felted using a felting machine.

some pipe cleaners (The kids and I had fun making these together)


and I used some wool I already had to make some crochet flowers for the tree.

I'm very excited to see how it looks.  I also spent only $30.00.  I'll post a blog when it is done.

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  1. I love creative Christmas decorations! I can't wait to see the finished product.


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