Saturday 18 December 2010

photography-the festive season.

This is a list of ideas for photos at this time of year.  Try a few and see how they go!  
  • Expressions on childrens faces
  • Objects that have meaning to you
  • Snapshots of generations of family together
  • Grandparents holding small children
  • Children unwrapping their gifts
  • The face of a child when they see Santa has come
  • The food you enjoy
  • The traditions you carry out
  • The Christmas lights in your neighbourhood and home
  • Decorations
  • Snapshots of funny things relatives do each year
  • Children sleeping on Christmas Eve
  • The presents each person recieves
  • Formal family and friend portraits
  • People using their new "toys"
  • Sleeping family members after the Christmas morning rush
  • Service the family gets involved in
  • Everyone dressed in their new clothes/P.Js/hats etc
  • Preparations at Christmas time i.e baking, wrapping presents,  making gifts

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