Tuesday 14 December 2010

quilt challenge- A little moan

Well I am now 4 weeks behind in my challenge for the year but with very good reason.  I sent my machine in to be serviced 6 weeks ago.  Just a run of the mill normal everyday service. I will note I own a pfaff 2052, the top of the range quilting machine not a cheap job :)  I received the bill,  paid the bill and picked up my machine promptly (the shop is a 1 hour round trip for me- closest dealer) .  When I went to use it the up and down mechanism and the zigzag were not working properly.  They were working fine before the service.  So I took it back into the shop.  2 weeks later the machine was ready again with a bill.  I queried the bill and was told they would only charge me for a part as it could go at any time and was not caused by the service.  A few days after receiving it home I got it out to use and lo and behold the tool box with all my feet, bobbins etc was not there. So A quick phone around was necessary to locate its where abouts.  The mechanic had found a tool box and couldn't work out whose it was ????????  So 3 days later I received my box through the post.  I was very busy at that time so about 6 days later I sat down an checked it and the up down mechanism and zigzag zag still weren't working.  ARGH!!!!!!!  So back in again to the shop (another week later as it is Christmas after all and I can hardly find time for normal things) to have it fixed again.  So finally six weeks later my machine is home and finally fixed.  I now have 6 projects and 5 cards to have finished  by Christmas (by some small miracle they might get done) or it is off to the shops to buy something instead and a catch up after Christmas.

Moans all done now so off to find some Christmas spirit and good cheer and lots of love to spread around. 

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