Tuesday 15 February 2011

Exploring line

One of the sketchbook challenge pages I have completed for this month is on the opposites of line.  I looked at the contrasts of mark making.

Line can make movement, contrast, pattern and representation of ideas and objects.  I am going to use this page as a reference for other work.  The first exploration of these patterns I used at our family night on Monday evening.  This year has been a bumper crop for zucchini.  Many have turned into marrow because they have been missed.  So as a family we spent time marrow carving as an activity this week. I used some of these patterns and ideas on my marrow.

It was lovely to work in 3D for a change.  I seem to always work in 2D.  I wanted to add everyone elses marrows too but they all got destroyed before the camera had it's chance to work.


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