Thursday, 3 February 2011

quilt challenge-52 cards in a year

Week 33

I am catching up on my challenge after time away and getting my children all back to school.  This weeks art card is a mono print of a buckle that I have created a sun out of.  Mono printing is a neat and very simple method of printing. Paint is layered thinly onto a glass plate and rolled out with a brayer.  Then an object is placed onto the painted surface.  Paint will be removed leaving an negative impression that won't be transferred onto to material being printed.

This piece is monoprinted with red and blue textile paint and the quilted with blue and orange-red thread.


  1. What a cool use of every day objects! I never would have thought of using a belt buckle for an art project.

  2. Was not aware of this process but how fun it must be. I need to know more (the thing I have always craved most is knowledge), do you use just a regular piece of glass, a hard brayer, and by textile paint are you referring to fabric paint and to get me to shut up, is there a book on the process? I love the colors in the card and the buckle made a beautiful design. I also left a comment on the paintpage about some art apps for the iPhone.

  3. Many books have been written on monoprinting, but a cheaper way of getting the information is to google monoprinting and look at the many videos cips of the process. I would love to post the process on video on my blg but although I am very creative I am not technically literate :) Many people use plexi glass and fancy paint but I just use cheap kid quality textile paints (fabric paint)and glass because that is the easiest to source in New Zealand. I use a hard brayer.

    You don't need to "shut up" because I love hearing from people. People are the reason we live and it is a pleasure to help.


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