Friday 4 February 2011

quilt challenge-52 cards in a year

Week 35

This card today is made with a shadow quilting technique.  I started with a batik fabric.  I painted the flowers on the fabric different colours.  I used watercolour paints.  Not to good if you are going to wash your work but as this is only going to be kept as art work it didn't matter.  Then I layered a gold fabric over the top and stitched around each of the flowers.  Inside two of the flowers I placed beads.

Shadow quilting is a technique that can be used to dull down a fabric behind,  capture items inside, to mute down painting,  to stuff,  put wool into etc.  This technique is only limited by your imagination.  the top layer needs to be see through for this techniques to work.

I've also seen this technique used on cushions.  The quilting on the cushion was done in a grid form and filled with beads of all different colours and textures. When you move the cushion the beads all move around to form new patterns with in each grid. 


  1. This is beautiful, I would love to handle it. What size are these cards and what are the various uses for them? I have only one real try at quilting from many years ago. A somewhat small wall quilt that is pieced and tacked and ready for the quilting part and still in a drawer. I love 'art' quilts and did attend the National Quilt Museum Show in Paducah Kentucky last year. On the mono printing, I have watched YouTube videos until my eyes are tired. Thank You for sending me there.

  2. They are jumbo palying card size. My mother and sister have challenged ourselves to make 52 pieces of art work (one piece a week) on a playing card over the year. At the end of the challenge we have to make a vessel to hold our cards in or something to put our cards on and then we are going to have a mini showing of them all. I am going to encourage them to post them on my blog at the close of the challenge. But that could be another challenge in itself :).

    Glad you have found the information you needed on you tube!


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