Tuesday 15 March 2011

Seeing with new eyes

I have been drawing for many years but after doing the sketchbook challenge for the last few months I am seeing with new all seeing eyes.    When I started at the beginning of the year I saw far more flat and only drew in the perspective I felt comfortable in working in,  usually flat and face on.  After drawing each day fro this time I am noticing an improvement in how I draw and I am challenging myself to draw in more perspectives.  My eyes are seeing more shadows and shape and I am beginning to put those ideas down on paper. 

I had the privilege to attend a 4 hour drawing class this week and gain a few more skills in drawing.  I really enjoyed the class and I came away with more knowledge on how to draw objects that are fore shortened (or coming towards me)   and to see even more with these eyes of mine. These are 2 of the finished pieces I did.

The picture is drawn with pen and the shading was added with charcoal and chalk pastel. 

This was drawn in the same medium as the picture above.

One new skill I learnt was to draw the outline of the collection of objects, then to fill in all the negative space (the space left between all the objects)  After that was done the details could then be drawn.  I found this very hard as I have always started by drawing individual objects and the the details.   Drawing this way made me look at the space around objects differently and to understand the relationship between the objects better. 

Give it a go and see if you can do it. 
  1. Grab a few objects personal to you
  2. Group them together in a nice arrangement
  3. Draw the outline of all the objects in pen.  (makes you commit to the drawing.  If you make a mistake just redraw the line)
  4. Draw in all the negative space
  5. Add the details with the pen
  6. Shade with charcoal,  graphite or pastel.  Just use black to start with.  Remember to look closely at how the light and dark play together. 
  7. Use an eraser to rub out areas charcoal to give highlights to the picture
  8. Spray with a fixative to stop the charcoal going everywhere.  Try hairspray or a artist fixative.
  9. Keep practicing.

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  1. Glad you got in the drawing class. Yes, it is like getting a new pair of eyes. I remember the days of dial-up and the frustrations of it. I really like the last card with the buckle. I am not doing much now as my parents are in failing health and requiring a lot of daily care.


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