Thursday 17 March 2011

Process of new work

On the 15th February I began to show you the process I use to complete a piece of art work.  The first part of this is below.

After making the draft I like to get all the pencils and crayons I have and see what colours I have in the range I need.  I choose the colours that will work and line them all up in order from lightest to darkest.

After my colour selections are made I cut a piece of fabric about 3 inches larger than I want the finished piece to be.  I do this so that I can paint perfectly matching bindings. The fabric I use is close weave, pure cotton fabric which I wash so all the fabric sizing is removed.  This means the fabric will now accept the paint onto it and it will set better and not wash out.

 I then lay the fabric out a using a light coloured crayon or a pencil I place the outline of the drawing on the fabric. In this case the large circle and segments.  I then crayon(using good quality high pigment crayons) the out lines of all the major shapes.

I add some detail but not all of it as I will use the quilting to give more detail to the work later.  Once all the crayon is on the cloth I begin to add paint to the material. 

I will show you how I do this next week.


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