Saturday 27 August 2011

Artisan quilting challenge

I have entered the 2012 Cloth, paper, scissors 2012 Artisan challenge. In some ways I am hoping I won't get in after finding out the increase in costs in postage in NZ .  A package I sent last year cost me $7.50 this year it is $25.00.  I wish our wages went up as fast.  : )  Although this is just a small part of how I feel. 

I have experiemented with making paper cloth.   A technique written by Kelly Perkins.  One of my favourite artists.  Her work is so quirky and original.  Essentially the techniques involves layering lots of different paper on gluey fabric and then painting it.  Layers are then added of colour,  stamping threads and stitiching.  I had so much fun with this technique I think I will be doing lots more. 

These are my finished products.

Lime sorbet

Orange crush

Mixed berries


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